Shanghai Stock Exchange B shares Index



End-of-day quote Monde 02:20:00 2023-12-05 am EST Intraday chart for Shanghai Stock Exchange B shares Index 5-day change 1st Jan Change
225.42 PTS -0.87% -2.04% -20.06%
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China Service Sector Sustains Expansion in November: PMI Report MT
Chinese Shares Finish Lower on Contradicting Services Sector Data; Jinjiang Shipping Jumps 59% in Shanghai Debut MT
Chinese Banks to Prioritize Reserve Ratio Cuts Over Interest Rate Reductions, Analyst Says MT
China’s Services Activity Growth Hits Three-Month High in November, Survey Shows MT
China’s Central Bank Lowers Seven-Day Reverse Repos to 67 Billion Yuan MT
China’s Construction Land Use Per GDP Unit Falls 19% in Five Years MT
China’s Logistics Sector Grows at Faster Pace in November MT
Shanghai Jinjiang Shipping Jumps 60% in Shanghai Trading Debut MT
Asia Week Ahead: RBA and RBI Rate Decisions Plus Regional Inflation Data and China Trade Figures MT
Chinese Shares Slide as Defaults by Chinese Borrowers Hit Record High; Jinke Property Falls 4% Amid Lawsuits MT
China's Garment Exports Fall 8.8% in January-October Period as Global Demand Weakens MT
China's Electronic Information Manufacturers’ Profit Slumps at Softer Pace in January-October Period MT
China’s Internet Sector Posts 10% Jump in Profit in January-October Period MT
China's Public Offering Funds Exceed 27 Trillion Yuan by October-End MT
China’s Central Bank Lowers Seven-Day Reverse Repos to 119 Billion Yuan MT
China’s Services Trade Deficit Swells to 979 Billion Yuan in January-October Period MT
China’s Social Logistics Scale Rises 4.9% in January-October Period to 278 Trillion Yuan MT
China’s Local Government Bond Sales Rise to 1.4 Trillion Yuan in October MT
China’s Installed Renewable Power Capacity Expands 21% by October-End MT
China’s Manufacturing Activity Unexpectedly Rebounds in November, Caixin Survey Shows MT
Chinese Shares End Mixed, Muted on Contradicting Factory Activity Data; Huanyu Certification Soars 192% in Shenzhen Debut MT
China’s Real Estate Developers Turn More Upbeat as Banks Enter into Discussions MT
Wanda Commercial Management Gets Creditors Nod to Restructure $600 Million Bond MT
China’s Central Bank Hikes Seven-Day Reverse Repos to 663 Billion Yuan MT
Chinese State-Owned Firms’ Profits Rise at Sharper Pace in January-October Period MT
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