DUBAI, Dec 9 (Reuters) - China top climate diplomat on Saturday said a final agreement on fossil fuels at the United Nations COP28 summit was crucial but may not be perfect, while also declining to say whether the country could agree to eliminating fossil fuels entirely.

Whether the world's nearly 200 countries can agree to eliminate fossil fuels - the main driver of climate change - has become the make or break issue on the negotiating table at COP28 in Dubai.

China's climate envoy Xie Zhenhua told reporters in a briefing that without an agreement on fossil fuels there was not much chance of success at COP28.

China remains heavily reliant on fossil fuels, with coal being the country's largest power source.

"The energy transition is extremely important... but this transition requires a period of pain. Each country has different national conditions," Xie said.

China is working with all the major negotiating groups to find a solution, and consensus must be reached among parties with vastly different views, Xie said. (Reporting by David Stanway Writing by Jake Spring Editing by William James)