"As of today, output has reached 690 million tons, so it is estimated that by the end of the year production will exceed the target," said ICMA executive director Hendra Sinadia.

Average monthly coal output in September and October stood at 61 million tons, Hendra said.

However, the monthly output could drop as the rainy season has started in Indonesia, he said, without providing an estimate of the decline.

Indonesia's coal output so far this year stands at 689.37 million tons, while exports are at 350.05 million tons, according to mining ministry data. Coal output for 2022 was 687 million tons and exports amounted to 494 million tons.

The world's biggest thermal coal exporter earlier this year set its exports target at 457.3 million tons.

(Reporting by Bernadette Christina; Editing by Sonia Cheema)