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0.9562 % +0.031 Intraday chart for JAPAN 9Y Cash +2.399 +73.54
Current month+3.526
1 month+12.71
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Week Ahead for FX, Bonds : Focus on U.S. Economic -2- DJ
Week Ahead for FX, Bonds : Focus on U.S. Economic Data, Bank of Canada DJ
Vivendi says Canal+ to be listed in London under break-up plan RE
China Central Bank Lowers Rates on Standing Lending Facility Amid Round of Cuts DJ
China faces growing scepticism over its commitment to decade-old policy pledges RE
Dolce&Gabbana CEO ready to open capital to new investors RE
Euro zone bond yields edge lower as Biden abandons election bid RE
India's economy likely to grow 6.5%-7% y/y in 2024/25, government sources say RE
Varta in Talks With Porsche, Other Potential Investors to Avoid Insolvency DJ
China c.bank lowers standing lending facility rates by 10 basis points RE
Asia stocks skid as China trims rates; Biden steps aside RE
Taiwan stocks skid as tech rout extends; Asian currencies range-bound RE
European banks' earnings in spotlight after big share price gains RE
Dollar eases as Biden ends re-election bid; yuan weakens after rate cut RE
Japan's budget request to exceed $698 bln for fourth straight year, draft shows RE
JGB yields mixed on BOJ policy, US presidential election uncertainty RE
Asian Markets Largely Unfazed by Biden's Withdrawal From Presidential Race DJ
INDIA BONDS-India benchmark yield moves towards key level before budget RE
MORNING BID EUROPE-Wall Street in measured mood as Biden bows out RE
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Date Price Change
24-07-22 0.9562 +3.395
24-07-21 0.9248  0.000
24-07-19 0.9248  -0.751
24-07-18 0.9318 +1.780
24-07-17 0.9155 +0.571

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JAPAN 40Y CASH 2.366 % +0.964
JAPAN 30Y CASH 2.18 % +1.249
JAPAN 20Y CASH 1.865 % +1.243
JAPAN 15Y CASH 1.536 % +1.192
JAPAN 10Y CASH 1.062 % +1.306
JAPAN 9Y CASH 0.9388 % +1.514
JAPAN 8Y CASH 0.8407 % +1.460
JAPAN 7Y CASH 0.7638 % +1.099
JAPAN 6Y CASH 0.6424 % +1.309
JAPAN 5Y CASH 0.5944 %  -0.635
JAPAN 4Y CASH 0.4798 %  -0.166
JAPAN 3Y CASH 0.3888 %  -1.520
JAPAN 2Y CASH 0.3439 %  -1.602
JAPAN 1Y CASH 0.1365 % +4.919
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