US 10Y Cash

Taux d'interêt

Delayed OTC Data Services 12:27:26 2024-07-16 am EDT 5-day change 1st Jan Change
4.212 %  -0.008 Intraday chart for US 10Y Cash  -2.110 +8.375
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EMEA Morning Briefing : Shares Seen Lower Amid Cautious Mood DJ
Utilities Down as Treasury Yields Rally - Utilities Roundup DJ
Stocks, Treasury yields gain as investors assess prospect of Trump win RE
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Gold Edges Higher Amid Wary Markets Following Assassination Attempt on Donald Trump MT
Gold Mostly Steady Amid Wary Markets Following Assassination Attempt on Donald Trump MT
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European Midday Briefing: Stocks Lower on Weak China Data DJ
Utilities Up as Treasury Yield Slide Continues -- Utilities Roundup DJ
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Gold Steady Near a Seven-Week High Midafternoon Despite a Weaker Dollar and Shrinking Treasury Yields MT
CAC40: up sharply, buoyed by luxury stocks CF
Gold Falls Off Seven-Week High Despite Weaker Dollar and Shrinking Treasury Yields MT
EMEA Morning Briefing : Soft U.S. Inflation Fuels Rate Cut Optimism DJ
Utilities Up as Treasury Yields Tumble -- Utilities Roundup DJ
Bill Gross Says Own Treasury 2 Year Yields, Not 10-Year Or 30-Year Yields - Post On X RE
US Equity Indexes Mixed as Treasury Yields Slump After Cooling Inflation Lifts Fed Rate-Cut Bets MT
US Equity Indexes Trade Mixed as Cooling Inflation Drives Treasury Yields Lower MT
EMEA Morning Briefing : Shares Seen Higher as U.S. Inflation Data Awaited DJ
US Treasury Closing Levels MT
US 10-Year High Yield 4.276% vs 4.438% Previous; Bid/Cover 2.58 vs 2.67 Previous MT
Gold Moves Higher as the Dollar Drops After the Fed's Powell Offers Little Detail on Interest-Rate Cuts MT
BMO On the Day Ahead In North America MT
North American Morning Briefing : Powell's Second Day of Remarks Awaited DJ


US 30Y CASH 4.439 %  -0.209
US 20Y CASH 4.536 %  -0.264
US 10Y CASH 4.212 %  -0.185
US 7Y CASH 4.155 %  -0.190
US 5Y CASH 4.116 %  -0.153
US 3Y CASH 4.224 %  -0.066
US 2Y CASH 4.492 %  -0.863
US 1Y 4.862 %  -0.258
US 6M 5.187 % +0.185
US 3M 5.334 %  -0.039
US 2M 5.398 % +0.316
US 1M 5.341 %  -0.540
US 30Y INFLATION INDEXED 2.148 % +1.115
US 10Y INFLATION INDEXED 1.943 %  -0.339
US 5Y INFLATION INDEXED 1.93 %  -0.010
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