BERLIN (dpa-AFX) - Several Internet providers in Germany experienced temporary technical disruptions on Tuesday morning. According to reports from users on the platform, the services of Telekom, O2 and 1&1 were affected. In some cases, Postbank's online banking was also unavailable. After a good hour, the curves in the cancellation reports flattened out again.

The actual technical cause of the disruptions was Telekom's network, which is also used by other providers such as O2 Telefónica for certain products (VDSL or fiber optics). A Telefónica spokesperson (O2) said that they were in close contact with the service provider Telekom so that customers could use the services again without restrictions as quickly as possible.

Telekom announced on the X platform this morning that the Magenta TV Internet television service and Internet telephony were partially disrupted. The company is working at full speed to rectify the disruption./chd/DP/tih