Abundance International Limited announced that to facilitate compliance with the Code of Corporate Governance, Mr. Shi Jiangang will be stepping down as Executive Director of the Company with effect from 27 March 2024, and he will concurrently relinquish his position as Executive Chairman. Following Mr. Shi's resignation, Independent Directors will make up a majority of the Board. The resignation is also to allow Mr. Shi to devote more time to his other business commitments.

As the largest shareholder of the Company (deemed interest in 476,811,412 shares), Mr. Shi will continue to remain as Consultant to the Group to advise and assist with the Group business. Other DirectorShips Past: Jiangsu Feixiang Chemicals Co. Ltd. Jiangsu Feymer Technology Co.

Ltd. Suzhou Feixiang Institute of New Materials Co. Ltd. Zhangjiagang Yangtze Petrochemicals Co. Ltd. Wilmington PharmaTech Company LLC Catalyst & Catalysts Technology Co.

Ltd. Zhangjiagang Hua An Investment Ltd. Shanghai Tiantan Auxiliaries Co. Ltd. Other DirectorShips Present: Hwa-An International Limited Feixiang Holdings Private Limited Fenghuang Holdings Limited Max Bloom Group Limited Zeavion Holding Pte Ltd. Gymbo Global Pte Ltd. Gymboree Hong Kong Limited Gymbo Global Educational Investment Co. Ltd. Multi-D Biotech Pte.