Accenture unveiled a comprehensive set of new services designed to help companies customize and scale the value of generative AI. This new set of Accenture gen AI services includes a proprietary gen AI model switchboard, customization techniques, model managed services and specialized training programs. Proprietary switchboard allows a user to select a combination of models to address the business context or based on factors, such as cost or accuracy. For example, one of the largest entertainment companies is currently testing the switchboard to compare how the same prompt would be interpreted by different models and how they perform before deciding on which to use.

Customize LLMs for specific business context, data sources and various techniques, along with managed services for ongoing finetuning and prompt engineering. Skills and capabilities to help clients effectively use and manage LLMs, including comprehensive training and certification programs. In addition, as demand for new AI skills has emerged, Accenture continues to collaborate with leading academic institutions. As part of its collaboration with the Stanford Institute for Human-Centered AI, Accenture has created its Foundation Model Scholar Program to provide certifications related to large-language model skills.

For example, many insurance industry employees review a lot of documentation to serve policy holders, which Accenture expects to benefit from generative AI, and illustrates what The Hartford is aiming to address in its collaboration with Accenture. Building on its $3 billion investment in AI, Accenture?s foundation model services and its proprietary LLM assets were developed by its Center for Advanced AI. Accenture has more than 1,450 pending and issued patents in AI, including proprietary capabilities in generative AI, such as fine-tuning, prompt engineering and model architecture.