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764 JPY -1.93% Intraday chart for Accrete Inc. -9.16% -27.24%

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RBC Reviews BMO's Q4 MT
Accrete Inc. Reports Earnings Results for the First Quarter Ended March 31, 2023 CI
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Sequoia Economic Infrastructure sees fall in assets on interest rates AN
Stepdays Inc. announced that it expects to receive funding from Accrete Inc. CI
Tranche Update on Accrete Inc.'s Equity Buyback Plan announced on September 21, 2022. CI
Accrete Inc.'s Equity Buyback announced on September 21, 2022 has closed with 280,000 shares, representing 4.76% for ¥814.52 million. CI
Accrete Inc. announces an Equity Buyback for 326,500 shares, representing 5.54% for Ñ949.79 million. CI
Accrete Inc. authorizes a Buyback Plan. CI
Digital Platformer Corporation announced that it has received ¥300 million in funding from Accrete Inc., Revamp Corporation, Tokyo Kantei, K.K. and another investor CI
Accrete Inc. completed the acquisition of a 51% stake in Vietguys Jsc from Pham Duy Anh, Do Sang Minh and Phan Thanh Long. CI
Clariant to Buy BASF's US Attapulgite Business Assets for $60 Million DJ
Accrete Inc. acquired 67% stake in Xoxzo Inc. from Iqbal Abdullah. CI
Accrete Inc. agreed to acquire 67% stake in Xoxzo Inc. from Iqbal Abdullah for approximately ¥230 million. CI
Accrete Inc. agreed to acquire Technomix International Corporation from Masayoshi Yorimoto for ¥370 million. CI
Accrete Inc. agreed to acquire 51% stake in Vietguys Jsc from Pham Duy Anh, Do Sang Minh and Phan Thanh Long for approximately ¥400 million. CI
Certain Common Shares of Accrete Inc. are subject to a Lock-Up Agreement Ending on 21-JAN-2019. CI
Accrete Inc. has completed an IPO in the amount of ¥708.4 million. CI
Accrete Inc. has filed an IPO. CI
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Accrete Inc. is a Japan-based company mainly engaged in the provision of short message service (SMS) . The SMS is a service for sending messages of up to 70 full-size characters to devices only by the telephone number of the other party. The short message peer to peer (SMPP) international gateway service provides SMS distribution between domestic users and foreign SMS aggregators through SMPP. SMPP is a communication protocol used between mobile phone operators.
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