ACSL Ltd. (ACSL) hereby announces that has signed a MOU with Aeroarc Private Limited (Aeroarc) for a strategic alliance regarding the deployment of drones and robotics in Japan and India. ACSL has a vision of "Revolutionizing Social Infrastructure by Pursuing Cutting-Edge Robotics Technology" with the mission of "Liberate Humanity Through Technology". By pursuing robotics technologies, including the proprietary autonomous control technology, and socially implementing drones and other products using these technologies, ACSL aims to free people from hazardous working conditions and increase the sustainability and productivity of society through the realization of the mission and vision.

ACSL and Aeroarc, a local partner company in India, have entered a MOU to aim to win a total of USD 30 million (JPY 4.05 billion) in drone and robotics projects over the next two years to solve these social issues. In the future, ACSL will work with Aeroarc to study and materialize projects related to drones and robotics in mainly India, in the field of disaster support, infrastructure assessment, construction, logistics and other use cases. If ACSL and Aeroarcare launch specific projects, ACSL will provide drones, technology, component parts and other products.