Adobe unveiled the all-new Photoshop (beta) with breakthrough advancements in Generative Fill now with Reference Image, delivering greater control for creators and superpowers for all Photoshop users to confidently create amazing images. Powered by Adobe Firefly Image 3 Foundation Model, these innovations are ushering in a new era of the world?s leading image editing app with powerful generative AI capabilities deeply integrated into the workflows that creators know and love. New features including Reference Image, Generate Image, Generate Similar, Generate Background and Enhance Detail enable everyone to bring their creative vision to life in seconds.

Photoshop?s new innovations further enhance and accelerate creative workflows, empowering users to make complex edits and create unique designs while saving time. By bringing ideation and creation together in one workflow, they deliver new levels of control and help everyone bring their creative vision to life at the speed of imagination: Reference Image helps creatives achieve the outputs they imagine, using user-selected images as generative inspiration. Text to Image with Generate Image shortens the distance between the blank page and amazing content with full text to image capabilities directly within Photoshop for the first time.

Generate Background replaces and creates backgrounds, making it easier than ever to generate content that seamlessly blends into existing images. Generate Similar lets creators iterate with variations they select, to explore creation ideas more deeply with more precise control. Enhance Detail fine-tunes images to improve sharpness and clarity.

Photoshop is introducing additional valuable tools for design and creation: Adjustment Brush enables users to easily apply non-destructive adjustments to specific portions of images. Improved Font Browser delivers real-time access to Adobe?s over 25,000 fonts in the cloud ? without leaving Photoshop ?

so users can find the perfect type for any project. Adjustment Presets enables creators to effortlessly change the appearance of images with filters that apply effects in a single click and with the ability to create and save customized presets as well. Adobe Firefly was trained on licensed content, such as Adobe Stock.

It was designed to generate content for commercial use that does not infringe on copyright and other intellectual property (IP) right such as trademarks and logos. Adobe uses a multi-layered, continuous review and moderation approach to block and remove content that violates Adobe?s policies and offers customers IP indemnification for Firefly generated content.