Media3 announce the availability of Adobe ColdFusion on the Google GCP Marketplace. Published in partnership with Adobe, this latest release of ColdFusion is now seamlessly integrated into the Marketplace, offering developers unmatched flexibility and accessibility for their web application development projects. Adobe ColdFusion has been a cornerstone of web application development for decades, renowned for its robust features and versatility.

With the latest release of Adobe ColdFusion, developers can now harness its power on the GCP platform, catering to a wider audience and streamlining the development process. ColdFusion's native integrations with GCP Cloud Storage, GCP PubSub, and GCP Firestore further enhances this capability. Seamlessly integrated across all three major cloud platforms: Azure, GCP, and AWS, the addition of GCP to the ColdFusion lineup demonstrates Adobe's commitment to making ColdFusion a true multi-cloud product and underscores Media3's commitment to providing developers with the tools and resources they need to succeed, regardless of their preferred cloud environment.