Bozeman, MT, April 30, 2020 --( The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has issued PoKos Communications Corp a patent for a novel way to power digital advertising to replace third-party cookies. U.S. Patent No. 10,637,932 (PoKos SmartTarget™) enables advertisers to target network users and devices with relevant content without using third-party cookies and while maintaining user privacy and anonymity. Cookies are currently obstructed by Firefox and Safari browsers, and within two years will also be blocked by the Google Chrome browser.

PoKos founder and CEO Timo Platt explains that: “SmartTarget™ will gives a huge boost to Ad Tech, marketers and brands globally, because it provides them with a privacy-first identifier to escape the clutches of the big ad platforms, and to control digital media spend in a cookie-less environment.” He noted, for example, that the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) has called for a replacement for use of third-party cookies. “Marketers covet the opportunity to create, target and serve digital advertising that adds up to more relevant and engaging brand experiences,” Platt observed.

Platt also described what this new patent means for consumers: “When coupled with SmartAware™ and other PoKos proprietary technology, SmartTarget™ gives users the ability to stay connected, receive desired content, and maintain their privacy.”

“We are very excited by this breakthrough technology,” Platt exclaimed. “SmartTarget™ will allow people everywhere to extend their communications while controlling their privacy. People can connect based on their interests, proximity or other desired criteria. But they also want to control the who/what/when/where, or the ‘Four Ws’, that are central to every communication: who they talk to, in what context, and when and where the conversation takes place.”

Extending its PrivacyConnection™ platform still further, PoKos has a patent pending for its exposure alert technology that is foundational for APIs and other mobile software tools designed to help public health authorities combat the novel coronavirus and other highly contagious diseases. “Digital contact tracing and movement tracking will only be helpful and effective, “Platt says, “if large numbers of users opt-in because their privacy is assured. We have been committed to anonymous communications from the outset.”

About PoKos--The PoKos technology suite provides new methods and systems for users to maintain their privacy while taking advantage of network capabilities to discover, communicate and share with marketers, networks and other people around them – both nearby and around the globe. PoKos is based in Bozeman, MT USA.

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SmartTarget™, SmartAware™ and PrivacyConnection™ are trademarks of PoKos Communications Corp.

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