Air France announced on Wednesday that it is running more than 80 projects using generative artificial intelligence across all its business lines.

The airline explains that it has developed 'Talia', an in-house ChatGPT enabling its employees to familiarize themselves with how this closed-circuit tool works, without any information entered being passed on to third parties.

This model is used on a daily basis by employees to write e-mails, search for information in PDF documents, organize events and draw up to-do lists.

For Air France airport agents, the iPad-based 'Pamelia' solution provides answers to customers' questions on subjects such as baggage allowance, rules on transporting animals or entry formalities:

Currently in the test phase, 'Pamelia' is due to be deployed at Paris-Charles de Gaulle in 2025.

The 'Charlie' tool, currently in the concept phase, is aimed at the company's maintenance teams looking for the part number of an aircraft in order to facilitate repair or replacement.

Finally, the 'Fox' feedback analysis tool aims to better understand customer expectations and concerns by automatically analyzing verbatims and translating the sentiment expressed by complex and heterogeneous texts.

Air France, which says it aims to use artificial intelligence in a reasoned and controlled way, with customer data protection as a priority, says it generates a "considerable" volume of data, with 100,000 customers carried every day on over 1,000 flights.

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