By Mike Cherney

SYDNEY--Qantas engineers will inspect an Airbus A330 after pilots shut down one of its engines on a flight between Melbourne and Perth on Monday night.

Local media reported passengers saying there was a loud bang on Qantas Flight 781. The airline, Australia's largest, said the aircraft landed safely and without further incident in Perth.

According to Qantas, the flight experienced an issue with an engine as it approached Perth. The pilots then followed procedures, manually shut down the engine and requested a priority landing.

Emergency services met the aircraft on arrival, but the aircraft taxied to the gate under its own power and passengers disembarked normally.

"We know this would have been unsettling for customers on board and we thank them for their cooperation and understanding," Qantas said in a statement.

The aircraft is designed to safely operate with just one engine, Qantas said.

Several midair mishaps have spooked passengers recently, including a Jan. 5 blowout on an Alaska Airlines Boeing 737 MAX. Boeing Chief Executive Dave Calhoun recently said he would step down.

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