Airoha Technology announced that AIROHA's SoCs and Software Development Kit (SDK) for Bluetooth LE Audio devices have collaborated with Intel's Engineered for Intel Evo laptop accessory program, the first of its kind in the Bluetooth audio industry. Committed to providing a great Bluetooth audio quality and user experience, AIROHA's collaboration with Intel will help audio devices achieve the highest level of Bluetooth LE Audio compatibility between headset and laptop. This will increase the likelihood that future vendor audio devices can more easily meet Intel's strict experience requirements and gain acceptance into the Engineered for Intel Evo laptop accessory program.

AIROHA's 20 years of experience in Bluetooth audio technology innovation accelerates customers' product time-to-market and reduces maintenance costs. Accessories Engineered for Intel Evo laptops maximize the end-to-end user experience when paired with Intel Evo laptops. The Intel Evo platform is Intel's premium consumer brand for high-performance laptops.

It is designed to provide a premium computing experience with excellent responsiveness, long battery life, fast charging, and thin-and-light form factors. Laptop designs that meet the Intel Evo requirements undergo rigorous testing measurement and verification against an evolving set of specifications and key experience indicators to ensure they deliver exceptional performance and user experience. The Engineered for Intel Evo laptop accessory program extends the Intel Evo laptop experience to include accessories.

This accessory program helps users identify 3rd party accessory product designs that are tested to ensure they meet strict Intel requirements that provide seamless connectivity, reliability, and performance for the best overall experience when paired with an Intel Evo Laptop. With this program, AIROHA's customers can develop products with AIROHA's and Intel's joint technology strengths for laptop users, based on semiconductor layers that meet the latest industry standards and quality benchmarks. AIROHA's strengths integrated into its Bluetooth LE Audio SoCs include the industry's most advanced Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) algorithms, which can perform 1,000 operations per second to ensure optimal listening quality, coupled with AIROHA's unique AI-enabled noise reduction technology that delivers clear voice quality at the microphone transmitter end.