BERLIN (dpa-AFX) - The economic wing of the CDU/CSU is pushing for the continued use of nuclear energy. "Germany must make consistent use of the range of climate-friendly energy available. Nuclear energy is a key part of this," according to a resolution passed by the executive board of the CDU/CSU's SME and Economic Union (MIT). The German government should therefore join an alliance of 22 countries that positioned itself in favor of a significant expansion of nuclear power capacities at the World Climate Conference in Dubai.

According to the resolution, which was first reported by the "Bild" newspaper (Saturday), Germany must immediately decide on a moratorium on the dismantling of the remaining power plants after the nuclear phase-out completed this year and prepare for their recommissioning. It was also made available to the Deutsche Presse-Agentur. The German government should also accelerate research and development for next-generation nuclear reactors.

MIT leader Gitta Connemann (CDU) told Bild that Germany's "special path" must be ended. "Germany as an industrialized country needs affordable electricity at all times of the day."

The handling of nuclear energy is also the focus of discussions on the CDU's planned new basic program. The party's top committees are due to discuss an initial draft this Monday. It was agreed not to disclose the content. Among other things, it is likely to include a position in favor of retaining the option of nuclear power./sam/DP/mis