Alligo AB (publ) (OM:ALLIGO B) is looking for M&A. During Interim Report Second Quarter 2023 Irene Bellander Chief Financial Officer said, "our strong financial position means that we can continue to invest in organic growth and take advantage of potentially good M&A opportunities in our market". Clein Ullenvik Chief Executive Officer said, "And we got the question on our general assembly. And not necessarily that the prices have come down.

We are very careful price-wise when we make acquisitions, and we are very focused on getting the post-synergy multiple to be on a very, very healthy level. So I think the levels are good as they are. We cannot clearly see that the expectations have come down as such.

And many times, it takes some time, of course, before the prices come down. You as a seller, you have a price you think your company is worth, and it will take some time before somebody realizes that perhaps the value is lower. But the opportunity to continue to do acquisitions is good, and we are very clear that we want to continue to do that.

And Irene is making sure we have the cash to do so, and the balance sheet is in good shape. So we will continue to do that".