Alteryx, Inc. announced the launch of Alteryx Analytics Cloud on Google Cloud, alongside expanded AI capabilities with Google Cloud's Gemini models. Gemini models extend the capabilities of Alteryx AiDIN, the AI engine powering the Alteryx AI Platform. Further, Alteryx now offers private data handling support for Google Cloud on the Alteryx Analytics Cloud.

There is more demand than ever for companies to build a data analytics stack using their choice of AI solutions. According to new Alteryx research, 90% of IT professionals say generative AI is changing the way they approach technology implementation. By expanding Google Cloud ecosystem offerings, Alteryx is giving customers more flexible options as they modernize their data stack to support AI-enhanced analytics use cases.

With the Gemini models integration, Alteryx is partnering with Google Cloud to deliver AI functionality that lowers the threshold for new users to get started on their analytics journey, accelerate productivity for building analytic workflows, and gives customers a conversational interface to interact with data. At Alteryx Inspire 2024, Alteryx will announce innovations that leverage Gemini models. Alteryx also unveiled Alteryx Analytics Cloud for Google Cloud, which enables data processing in a client's private cloud environment.

With the deepened integration, customers will now have more control over where their data is stored and processed, an important capability for AI-driven use cases. This launch builds on existing integrations between Alteryx and Google Cloud. Alteryxpowers Dataprep, which has provided a cloud data service to explore, clean, and prepare data in BigQuery.

Most recently, Alteryx launched a Designer Cloud integration with Looker Studio.