(MT Newswires) -- Christina Minardi, current Executive Vice President of Whole Foods introduces the Whole Foods Market Daily Shop concept, a shop focused on customers in dense urban areas. Compared to the 365 shops previously launched and repurposed in 2019, the Daily Shops are smaller in size, ranging from 7,000 to 14,000 square feet, and focus on a fast and efficient shopping experience. Minardi is promoting the concept of local shops that are perfectly suited to quick everyday shopping.

Whole Foods is currently focusing on urban areas, with particular success in New York where they have 17 shops. Daily Shops use every inch of space to maximise product visibility and reduce backroom storage space, without compromising the offer - customers will be able to find a range of products including prepared-to-go options.

The Daily Shops' design and functional inspirations come from international examples, particularly in Europe and Japan, and are being developed with the help of a firm based in Italy. The concept includes services such as a juice and java bar, which represents a first in New York for Whole Foods.

From a strategic point of view, the alliance with Amazon aims to position Whole Foods as an undisputed leader in the grocery sector, with the ongoing development of 75 new shops and the strengthening of Amazon's grocery segment. The development of the Daily Shops is part of a wider strategy to integrate Whole Foods more closely into the Amazon ecosystem. 

Since its acquisition by Amazon, Whole Foods has benefited from Amazon's extensive infrastructure, logistics expertise and technology resources. This synergy between the two companies has contributed to operational improvements and cost reductions, enabling Whole Foods to lower the price of its products. Working with Amazon has enabled Whole Foods to reposition its brand image, often perceived as more expensive, by adopting a more competitive pricing policy.

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