American Lithium Minerals (OTC PINK: AMLM) is pleased to provide an update on its Blue Bull Cobalt / Nickel / Manganese Project in Lincoln County, Nevada.

The Company has also acquired drill data for its Bisbee Manganese property in Southeast Arizona. Cobalt, Nickel and Manganese are used in batteries, which are important to the 'Green Revolution' and are used in electric vehicles, electrical energy storage systems, cellular phones and everyday household electronics such power tools and appliances. Addition of the Blue Bull and Bisbee projects complements AMLM's existing Lithium, Graphite and Rare Earth Element (REE) footprint.

Blue Bull Cobalt, Nickel and Manganese

The mining origins of the Blue Bull site date back to the 1920s. L. Leavitt and E. and J. Walker of Bunkerville, Nevada, originally located the Leavitt & Walker Mine in 1926 to produce Manganese and Iron. Upon learning of the reported presence of Cobalt and Nickel at the Leavitt & Walker Mine, AMLM located 28 lode mining claims covering the historic mine workings and adjacent areas. The project currently includes 560 acres (227 hectares) of mining claims in Bull Valley on land administrated by the US Bureau of Land Management (BLM).

In November 2022, AMLM collected a total of nine rock chip samples. Five samples were collected at intervals from a mineralized outcrop that runs northwest to southeast for approximately 3,000 feet (915 m) and across the open cut of the historic Leavitt & Walker Mine. Samples were also collected from prospect pits approximately 31/2 miles (5.6 km) northeast of the Leavitt & Walker Mine.

Cobalt content from the five samples taken along the 3,000-foot (915 m) Leavitt & Walker trend ranged from 32.4 to 118 ppm Cobalt, with an average of 73.8 ppm Cobalt. Nickel over the Leavitt & Walker trend ranged from 75.8 ppm to 500 ppm with an average of 243 ppm. An easterly prospect pit sample contained 7,390 ppm Manganese, which AMLM considers to be anomalous.

Bisbee Manganese

A package of geological information was recently acquired from the last third-party drilling program at AMLM's Bisbee property, which included significant Manganese findings of up to 35,100 ppm. Further research indicated that Manganese was mined and shipped from Bisbee during World War I.

The Bisbee area is well mineralized and is best known for the Copper Queen Mine, which Phelps Dodge operated from the 1880's to the 1980's. This mine is about five miles (8 km) from the AMLM Bisbee property. AMLM views Bisbee as an excellent exploration target. The Company plans to center its initial exploration work at and around the former Houghton Manganese Mine, which is on the El Paso patented mining claim.

About American Lithium Minerals, Inc.: AMLM is a lithium exploration company with (a) five brine and claystone lithium projects in Central Nevada (Stonewall Flat, West End, Silverpeak, Claystone Hills and Sarcobatus Playa), (b) five projects for other battery metals (cobalt, nickel, manganese, graphite and rare earth elements (REE)) in Nevada, Arizona and Illinois (Blue Bull, Bisbee, Buckley Flat, Kingman REE and Hicks Dome) and (c) vertically integrated lithium facilities under consideration in the Midwest and Nevada for the processing of high-grade lithium ores and concentrates, assembly of lithium batteries and battery recycling.

AMLM Featured by Innovation News Network

Innovation News Network will be featuring AMLM in Issue 14 of The Innovation Platform regarding AMLM's 'wide range of lithium and rare earth projects within its portfolio.' The article refers to AMLM's 'significant progress to further mineral exploration and development in Nevada' and also summarizes all projects in the AMLM's portfolio. While Issue 14 will not be published until June 1, the article may be viewed now on their website.


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