Analog Devices, Inc. announced U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 510(k) clearance and the commercial launch of the Sensinel? Cardiopulmonary Management (CPM) System. The compact wearable device is a non-invasive, remote management system that captures cardiopulmonary measurements for chronic disease management such as heart failure.

It is the first FDA clearance the company has received in its 59-year history. The Sensinel CPM System is the next-generation solution for management of cardiopulmonary diseases like heart failure. It is equipped with a set of physiological indicators to help care teams better manage chronic conditions early and remotely, as well as in a precise manner.

Patients self-apply ADI's Sensinel CPM Wearable which they only wear for three to five minutes in a home care setting. The device then captures data about their cardiopulmonary health. This data is automatically uploaded to ADI's Sensinel CPM Cloud Platform using a cellular link (without the need for a patient-supplied Internet connection) and is then further analyzed using ADI's Sensinel CPM Intelligent Algorithms in the cloud.