(Alliance News) - On Monday, major European stock markets confirm expectations and open in the green as a series of macro data is expected to be released across the Eurozone, with the Tokyo and London Stock Exchanges remaining closed for holidays.

Thus, the FTSE Mib opens in the green by 0.3 percent to 33,727.82, the Mid-Cap is in the green by 0.1 percent to 47,375.53, the Small-Cap is in the fractional red at 29,036.96, while Italy Growth is up by 0.3 percent to 8,241.87.

In Europe, Paris' CAC 40 is in the green by 0.5 percent, while Frankfurt's DAX 40 is up 0.6 percent.

On the Mib, it does best of all Saipem, which opens up 1.8 percent. Banco BPM also goes up, in the green by 1.4 percent, preceded by A2A and Tenaris, up 1.1 percent and 0.9 percent, respectively.

The latter reported that it has concluded the second tranche of its share buyback program, which started on February 29 of this year.

The program ended with the purchase of 16.4 million of the company's own ordinary shares for a total consideration of EUR277.1 million, or about USD400 million. To date, the company holds 34.1 million of its own ordinary shares, or 2.9 percent of its share capital.

Nexi--up 0.3 percent--reported that Bo Nilsson has resigned, effective immediately, from the board of directors. Nilsson, who holds 6.1 million shares in the company, left Nexi's board due to unforeseen professional commitments.

On the day when first-quarter results are expected, Amplifon goes down at the start, down 0.7 percent, preceded by ERG, down 0.5 percent.

On the Mid-Cap, Webuild -- in the red 0.2 percent -- announced that it has submitted a pro bono project with its U.S. subsidiary Lane to rebuild Baltimore's Francis Scott Key Bridge, which collapsed last March causing the loss of numerous lives and severing a vital link between the city's harbor and the Atlantic Ocean.

Carel Industries and Seco have signed an agreement to develop a new solution to support the digital transformation of infrastructure in the segments in which Carel is active. The two companies are down 0.1 percent and in the green by 2.3 percent among smallcaps, respectively.

The two companies have started the design of an innovative and powerful supervisory system, "a fundamental device for the control of refrigeration and air conditioning processes, which allows real-time data collection and remote monitoring," they specify in a note.

Anima Holding rises 0.3 percent. The company announced Thursday that it has finalized the acquisition of Kairos Partners SGR. The acquired company will be consolidated by Anima Holding effective May 2024.

On the Small-Cap, Safilo Group rises 0.5 percent. The company announced Thursday that it has signed a perpetual license agreement with Authentic Brands Group for Eyewear by David Beckham, replacing the previous contract that expires at the end of 2030.

Under the new agreement, Safilo will continue to manage the entire value chain, from the design phase, a creative process led by David Beckham, to global manufacturing and distribution.

Seri Industrial rises 0.4 percent, rebounding after two heavy bearish sessions. It reported Tuesday that during the first quarter 2024 it posted revenues of EUR43.4 million with a slight decrease of EUR237,000 from the previous reporting period.

GPI--green by 0.8 percent--reported that it has won the tender for the implementation of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region's Integrated Transfusion Information System.

The contract, worth EUR1.8 million and with a duration of 48 months, aims to support all phases of the transfusion process: from the collection of blood for donation, to its storage and distribution, to transfusion at the patient's bedside so as to ensure the highest standards of quality, reliability and safety for patients and operators, the company explained in a note.

Edison -- which shares only savings shares -- rises 1.0 percent after reporting a profit of EUR322 million in the first quarter of the year from EUR288 million in the same period of 2023, thanks, in particular, to an increase in renewable production and good sales performance of Edison Energia.

Revenues amounted to EUR4.07 billion from EUR6.10 billion in the first quarter of the year before. Energy demand in Italy increased by 0.7 percent year-on-year and gas demand fell by 4.0 percent. On the other hand, the decline in sales revenues was due to the reduction in the price scenario, despite the positive performance of sales volumes.

Among SMEs, Clabo -- in the red by 2.6 percent -- reported Thursday that it had approved consolidated financial statements as of December 31, which closed with a profit of EUR1.2 million from EUR900,000 a year earlier.

Revenues rose to EUR60.5 million from EUR51.4 million.

E-Globe is flat at EUR0.99. The company on Friday announced that it has signed a binding agreement to acquire 100 percent of the Spanish company Bayona Petit Tradex Consulting, which is active in the air conditioning sector and owns the www.climamarket.eu brand.

The binding agreement calls for E-Globe to purchase 100 percent of Bayona's share capital - 98.80 percent sold by partner Enrique Martinez Bayona and 1.20 percent by partner Xenia Pages Petit - at a price of EUR3 million, partially financed through recourse to the banking channel and the remainder with equity.

Askolla EVA advances 8.9% after a change at the top management. Indeed, the company announced on Tuesday that it had appointed Luca Bolcati as the company's new CEO with immediate effect. The board also appointed Luca Bolcati as the company's investor relator.

In Asia, the Hang Seng traded in the green by 0.5 percent and the Shanghai Composite closed up 1.2 percent.

In New York on Friday, the Dow closed in the green 1.2 percent to 38,675.68, the Nasdaq rose 2.0 percent to 16,156.33 and the S&P 500 gained 1.3 percent to 5,127.79.

Among currencies, the euro changed hands at USD1.0765 from USD1.0747 on Friday in closing European equities while the pound was worth USD1.2564 from USD1.2549 on Friday evening.

Among commodities, Brent crude is worth USD83.53 a barrel from USD83.61 a barrel Friday night and gold trades at USD2,322.05 an ounce from USD2,292.05 an ounce Friday night.

Monday's macroeconomic calendar features the services PMI from Italy, France, Germany and the Eurozone, up to 1000 CEST.

From the eurozone, eyes also on producer prices at 1100 CEST, half an hour after the Sentix investor confidence index.

From the U.S., focus on the Fed's Barkin and WIlliams speeches in the afternoon and domestic vehicle sales data at 1600 CEST.

Of note, the week will open without trading in Tokyo and London due to Children's Day in Japan and the May bank holiday in the UK.

Among companies in the Piazza Affari, results from Amplifon, Anima Holding, Monte dei Paschi, and UniCredit, among others, are expected.

By Claudia Cavaliere, Alliance News reporter

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