The lecture our VP of Scientific Affairs, Josh Soldo gave at AACC 2015 is now available.

Lecture Summary

Interference is a substance present in a patient specimen that can alter the correct value of the result by interfering with antibody binding, or that can increase or decrease assay signal by bridging, steric hindrance, or autoantibody mechanisms. Erroneous results can impact patient care, and can lead to unnecessary invasive, diagnostic or therapeutic procedures, or failure to treat a patient with a false negative test result.

The fact is all immunoassays are susceptible to sample specific interference and there is a clinical need for a simple, inexpensive, automatable and effective solution to mitigate sample specific interferences.

Anteo Technologies' Mix&Go™ can be used to functionalize a plethora of different surfaces for subsequent binding and co-coating of highly functional proteins to pre-treat clinical samples and deplete interference. Find out more, watch the video.

Speaker: Joshua Soldo, VP of Scientific Affairs, Anteo Technologies Topic: Mitigating Sample Specific Interferences in Clinical Samples Venue: AACC OEM Lecture Series, Exhibit Hall, Theater 1 At AACC 2015, Josh was also interviewed by Select Science


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