Solera Health, Inc. announced a collaboration with Aon. This joint effort helps more employers deliver personalized employee health experiences and optimize health outcomes for the most common chronic conditions. By integrating the Solera HALO omni-condition management platform with Aon?s Health Risk Navigator predictive analytics tool, employers may harness innovations in digital health by providing access to Solera?s carefully curated network of clinically validated resources - with the ability to identify and engage high-risk employees.

Aon will then combine Solera?s solution engagement, utilization and clinical data with employers? medical and pharmacy data to measure health outcomes and employers? return on investment for health services that their employees use.

The Solera HALO platform helps employers cut through the noise of a crowded point solution market by providing a simplified digital health ecosystem, delivering more efficient, effective results for better employee health. Solera?s acuity matching algorithms identify each employee?s best-fit condition solutions for a personalized experience, thereby helping to improving clinical outcomes and reducing excess costs. Integrated reporting facilitates transparency and vendor accountability to provide the employer a clearer picture of what works and what does not in their population.