Luca Maestri, Apple's Chief Financial Officer, shares key insights into the company's current performance and future prospects. Despite significant product declines and a slowdown in China, Apple is demonstrating its ability to overcome challenges and identify growth opportunities.

Maestri points out that, despite fierce competition, Apple is performing well in China. He also points to the success of the two best-selling models during the quarter and a record number of customers opting for higher-end models.

Despite a mixed reception for the Vision Pro, Maestri is optimistic about the future. He notes a significant increase in revenues generated by this category over the last five years. He admits that the launch was complicated by comparisons with the very successful launches of new AirPods and watches the previous year, but he remains confident in the category's growth potential.

The interview also touches on the importance of artificial intelligence (AI) to Apple. Maestri says that the company sees AI as a great opportunity and is investing significantly in this area. With the WWDC conference coming up, Apple is set to showcase its advances in AI, which could prove crucial in attracting new users to iOS and encouraging upgrades.

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