(MT Newswires) -- Apple is embarking on the adventure of personal robotics, opening a new chapter after the challenges encountered with its autonomous car project. The company has set up specialist teams to explore this innovative field. Among the innovations currently being studied is an innovative device that combines a large screen, similar to that of an iPad, mounted on a robotic arm. This system is designed to follow the user during a FaceTime call, adjusting its movements to mirror those of the caller, making communication more interactive and natural.

At the same time, Apple is planning to develop a domestic robot capable of moving autonomously around the home, with a particular focus on videoconferencing. In the long term, this robot could take on household tasks such as washing up, marking a significant step forward in the integration of robotics into everyday life.

These initiatives mark a potential direction for Apple's future, although they are still in their infancy. They are not linked to Apple's Vision Pro project, which is aimed at a more restricted audience. However, these two areas of development share a common origin with Apple's autonomous car project, which began ten years ago. The latter served as a springboard for exploring the integration of augmented and virtual reality into the automotive experience, laying the foundations for current efforts in personal robotics.

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