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Apple has announced some notable new features for the iPhone and iPad. One of those most notable features is Vehicle Motion Cues, which aims to prevent car sickness when using your iPhone or iPad in the car.

In the news:Apple' s new innovation frames within a series of accessibility features announced this week. These are new features that will be available on iPhone and iPad later this year.

Vehicle Motion Cues

According to Apple, car sickness occurs "because of a sensory conflict between what a person sees and what he or she feels." As a result, a lot of people cannot use the iPhone or iPad in the car for long without feeling bad. Vehicle Motion Cues is designed to resolve that sensory conflict. The feature does that by making the content on the screen move with the car in real time.

  • "In Vehicle Motion Cues, dots on the edge of the screen represent the movements of the vehicle. Sensors in the iPhone and iPad recognize when a user is in a moving vehicle. Users can choose to have the feature on automatically, or enable it manually each time," Apple's explanation sounds.
  • This new feature will likely be available to iPhone and/or iPad users starting on iOS 18 later this year.

And also now:

  • Eye Tracking will allow users to control an iPhone or iPad with their eyes instead of their fingers in the future.

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