(MT Newswires) -- René Haas, CEO of Arm Holdings Plc, expresses his satisfaction with the company's financial results. He highlights Arm's successful diversification beyond the smartphone market. Arm's technology is now embedded in a wide range of devices, including Tesla and Ford F-150 vehicles, Ring smart security cameras, as well as Samsung TVs and connected devices.
The CEO highlights the significant impact of artificial intelligence on the demand for high-capacity processors for devices of all sizes. He mentions the partnership with Nvidia, which uses Arm processors for its AI chips for data centres. He also points out that smartphones and PCs will need more computing power to run AI algorithms.
Haas says that smartphones now make up a third of Arm's business. And the company is seeing an increase in royalties thanks to the switch to version 9 of its processors. This latest version is increasingly being integrated into smartphones, as it is designed to handle more complex tasks, particularly those linked to artificial intelligence.
SoftBank, which owns 90% of Arm, plans to place the company at the heart of its AI strategy. Haas sees AI as a profound opportunity and predicts a huge impact on the planet, stressing that we are still in the early stages of this technology.

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