Array Technologies, Inc. announced the launch of its patented Hail Alert Response, a set of software features designed to autonomously protect solar assets from hail damage. This innovative technology is part of Array's ongoing efforts to enhance the resilience and efficiency of solar energy systems in hail-prone regions. The Hail Alert Response system leverages advanced weather prediction algorithms to preemptively stow solar trackers approximately 30 minutes before a predicted hail event.

This proactive approach ensures that solar assets are safeguarded against potential damage, enhancing the longevity and durability of the investment. Weather Prediction Technology: Utilizes forecasting to anticipate hail events, enabling pre-emptive stowing of solar trackers. Wide Applicability and Compatibility: Available across the United States, the Hail Alert Response can be integrated with any existing DuraTrack or OmniTrack system.

Secure Communication: All communications between the SmarTrack Data Platform and the on-site SmarTrack Controller are encrypted. Requirement: Along with a subscription to the service, a SmarTrack Controller is essential for the effective application of the Hail Alert Response features. This innovative solution is a testament to Array's dedication to providing cutting-edge technologies that address the real-world challenges faced by solar energy producers.

The Hail Alert Response is not just a step forward in safeguarding solar investments; it's a leap toward a more reliable and sustainable energy future.