Array Technologies has signed a long-term agreement with Steel Dynamics to provide a fixed supply of coil for Array's U.S. projects. Steel Dynamics, headquartered in Fort Wayne, Ind., will source the coil from its flat roll steel mills located in Indiana, Mississippi, and Texas. The agreement utilizes automation for efficiency and fosters local job growth, reinforcing Array?s commitment to strengthening U.S. manufacturing.

This strategic partnership allows Array to expand its domestic content offerings, further reducing risks for its customers. Array?s flexibility in its supply chain allows the Array tracker to have in excess of 85% U.S. sourced material, making it easier for customers to meet domestic content requirements in the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA). Array?s cutting-edge solar tracker systems feature steel coil for its unmatched versatility, robust strength, and enduring durability.

Not only does it serve as the backbone for the tracker's structural frame, but it also goes into the crafting of essential mechanical elements like gears and levers, as well as brackets and mounts, among other key components. Steel Dynamics? exclusive use of electric arc furnace technology produces lower-carbon emission, high-quality steel by using recycled ferrous scrap as the primary raw material.

Their circular manufacturing model aligns perfectly with Array?s sustainability goals, contributing to an environmentally responsible future while strengthening the U.S. supply chain.