announced the integration of Apple's new Enterprise APIs with its augmented reality (AR) solutions. This strategic integration leverages the advanced hardware and sensor capabilities of the Apple Vision Pro, significantly enhancing ARway's platform capabilities which the company believes will lead to more enterprise deployments. Enhanced Capabilities with Apple Vision Pro - The integration with Apple's Enterprise APIs allows to fully utilize the advanced sensors and hardware of the Apple Vision Pro.

This enhancement brings hands-free AR experiences, making the platform more versatile and user-friendly. The Vision Pro's enhanced sensor access and platform control enable to provide more accurate tracking and positioning, essential for a wide range of use cases. Apple's latest updates, announced at WWDC 2024, include several key enhancements: Enhanced Sensor Access: Provides developers with improved access to Vision Pro's sensors, enabling more precise data collection and interaction within spatial apps.

This includes new capabilities for camera feed access and spatial barcode/QR code scanning. Platform Control: Offers greater control over the Vision Pro platform, including access to the Apple Neural Engine for advanced machine learning and AI-driven features, such as real-time object tracking. Spatial Computing Enhancements: Supports the creation of more immersive and interactive 3D content using tools like Reality Composer Pro and RealityKit.'s platform, which uses a combination of visual inertial odometry, GPS, and visual markers (images, QR codes, 3D scans, etc.), is now more robust with Apple's latest updates. This integration allows to offer improved indoor navigation, training, onboarding, advertising, and more across various industries, including retail, hospitality, construction, manufacturing, field services, transportation, corporate campuses, events, tradeshows and more. With the enhanced capabilities provided by Apple Vision Pro, is poised to deliver more immersive and interactive AR experiences.

This advancement supports's mission to innovate and lead in the AR space, providing cutting-edge solutions that meet the evolving needs of businesses and consumers alike. Key Points of Integration: Enhanced Tracking and Positioning: Visual Markers:'s use of QR codes, images, and other visual markers is now more robust with Apple's advanced sensor capabilities in the Vision Pro. Visual Inertial Odometry and GPS: The combination of these technologies ensures precise tracking and positioning, which is essential for accurate AR experiences.

New Enterprise APIs: Sensor Access: Apple's new APIs provide enhanced access to Vision Pro's sensors, enabling more detailed data collection and interaction. Platform Control: Improved platform control allows ARway to leverage the full potential of the Vision Pro's hardware, including advanced object tracking and real-time data processing. Hands-Free Capabilities: Vision Pro Integration: The integration with Apple Vision Pro enables hands-free AR experiences, significantly enhancing usability and expanding the range of possible applications.

Use Case Expansion: Indoor Navigation: Accurate positioning and tracking improve the effectiveness of indoor navigation solutions in large, complex environments like corporate campuses and events. Training and Onboarding: Enhanced AR capabilities make training and onboarding processes more interactive and engaging. Advertising and Retail: The ability to overlay 3D experiences in real-world settings enhances customer engagement and marketing strategies.

Industry Applications: Retail and Hospitality: ARway can create immersive shopping and guest experiences. Construction and Manufacturing: Improved tracking aids in precise spatial planning and real-time project visualization. Field Services and Transportation: Enhanced AR assists in maintenance, repair, and logistics operations.

Events and Tradeshows: Interactive AR experiences can be used for attendee engagement and navigation.