Asia Plus Group Holdings Public Company Limited at the AGM held on April 26, 2024 approved dividend payment for the year 2023 at the rate of THB 0.18 per share or THB 379,018,087.92 in total or 92.91% of the annual net profit which is in line with the Company's dividend payment policy. The Company had paid an interim dividend on September 12, 2023 at the rate of THB 0.08 per share, totaling THB 168,452,483.52. The remaining dividend will be paid at the rate of THB 0.10 per share totaling THB 210,565,604.

40 which derived from net profit that was subject to corporate income tax of 20%. The shareholders also approved to set the date to determine the list of shareholders entitled to receive dividend on March 8, 2024. The dividend payment shall be made on May 17, 2024 as proposed by the Board of Directors.