ASPEED Technology Inc. in partnership with its subsidiary Cupola360 Inc. announced the collaboration with Schneider Electric and Millitronic to introduce an industry-first smart panoramic visual remote management solution for data centers. This innovative solution integrates Cupola360's immersive panoramic cameras and visual AI management platform with Schneider Electric's data center gateways and sensors, along with Millitronic's wireless infrastructure integration, significantly enhancing remote management efficiency and security for data centers. With Cupola360's on-chip stitching technology and its software platform's compatibility for secondary development, this solution integrates innovative technologies from Schneider Electric and Millitronic to break free from the limitations of traditional on-site inspections in data centers.

It not only provides real-time display of data center management data but also offers intuitive visual management through a first-person perspective and remote dashboards, significantly improving the efficiency of remote data center management. The solution, featuring Cupola360 panoramic cameras combined with extensible third-party AI analytics technology, offers real-time insights and automated situation awareness to help managers promptly take effective measures in the event of anomalies or potential security threats. By leveraging Schneider Electric's Data Center Expert and NetBotz series, vital information and alerts about data center management can be effectively collected, organized, and disseminated.

Combined with the Cupola360 panoramic visual management platform, it presents a comprehensive view of the real-time environmental conditions and personnel and security management of the data center, providing remote managers with a more convenient and efficient remote inspection management mode. This innovative remote visual management solution for data centers consists of three key features: the Cupola360 panoramic visual management suite, Schneider Electric's expandable environmental monitoring system represented by Supreme Electronics, and Millitronic's AI Web Gateway. The solution has already been successfully deployed in Yilan at the research and manufacturing center of Innodisk, the parent company of Millitronic, and will continue to be promoted in various industries' data center applications, enhancing overall operational management efficiency.