Aspen Technology, Inc. introduced new and expanded capabilities now available in aspenONE®, the company?s portfolio of asset optimization solutions, spanning design, operations and maintenance. The latest version of aspenONE, V14.3 May 2024, helps customers achieve new levels of operational excellence with expanded Industrial AI throughout the portfolio, additional integration of industrial data management across solutions and advancements in planning and scheduling capabilities. AspenTech uniquely embeds Industrial AI in modeling solutions that leverage more than 40 years of experience applying engineering fundamentals.

These models provide guardrails, robustness and trusted results to ensure customers can leverage AI-based technology to improve agility, guide decision-making and drive higher levels of efficiency through automation. With the release of V14.3, the planning and scheduling capabilities in Aspen Unified? have been enhanced with Industrial AI to attain higher levels of optimization.

This is accomplished by enabling schedulers to close the gap between planned and actual operations. Through unique, innovative and dynamic optimization capabilities, refining and olefins producers can streamline and integrate planning, scheduling and yield accounting, resulting in smaller deviations and faster remediation. Additional highlights of V14.3 include: Industrial AI is now incorporated in Aspen Unified PIMS?

with the availability of Aspen Virtual Advisor (AVA), which guides production planners to save time, make better decisions and explain the impact models have on performance and sustainability; Aspen Maestro?, an existing capability within Aspen Mtell® that automates the development of better models faster, now includes an anomaly capability that accelerates alert resolution. In addition, Aspen Mtell includes FMEA templates and KPIs for accelerated deployment, guided detection strategies and risk analysis; AspenTech Inmation? now provides direct integration capabilities with Aspen Mtell, leveraging the data management platform?s components to make data access simple and easy to maintain over time.

AspenTech Inmation also integrates seamlessly with both Aspen InfoPlus.21? and aspenONE Process Explorer®, delivering scalable and performant access with minimal impact on production as well as feature-rich, real-time data visualization, reporting and analysis at an enterprise level.