Aspen Technology, Inc. introduced new performance and sustainability capabilities available in aspenONE®?, the company's portfolio of asset optimization solutions, spanning design, operations and maintenance. Designed to accelerate customer digitalization strategies and help customers achieve advanced levels of operational excellence, the new capabilities progress net zero initiatives, empower engineers with enhanced AI, improve asset health and performance, enable customers to achieve an integrated enterprise data management system and more. New aspenONE updates help customers more quickly develop and implement reliable, impactful sustainability solutions.

Updates also enable customers to extract insights based on operational data from across the enterprise, resulting in reduced inefficiencies and improved operational performance. Key among the new updates are an expanded set of models incorporating AI, as well as a number of integrations providing comprehensive access to operational technology (OT) data. As customers progress toward their net zero goals, the ability to ensure accuracy in their sustainability solutions and tackle complex problems is critical.

AspenTech's modeling capabilities address both these challenges with new and expanded updates, including: AspenTech's library of sustainability sample models now contains more than 140 options to drive faster time-to-market for new processes and technologies. Incorporating industrial AI, the models help overcome execution barriers for sustainability projects, improve economics and support investments. New high-fidelity models increase hydrogen and carbon capture model accuracy, extend from design into operations, and recalibrate based on changing process conditions.

Support for green hydrogen initiatives is now available with out-of-the-box electrolyzer models that help ensure safe operations of key equipment. Integrated Enterprise Data Management: A holistic data management strategy is the foundation of ensuring a successful digital transformation journey. Customers need flexibility and scalability to access and analyze huge amounts of data being generated throughout their organizations.

To further help achieve this, aspenONE now includes new integrations to help customers centrally manage enterprise OT data aggregation, including: AspenTech Inmation??, the company's centralized data management system now seamlessly connects to its historical, Aspen InfoPlus.21®?, and its data visualization solution, aspenONE Process Explorer?? (A1PE), to more easily identify inefficiencies, bottlenecks and production challenges from across the organization. AspenTech's asset performance management solution, Aspen Mtell®?, now includes out-of-the- box integration with AspenTech Operational Insights??

that provides configurable dashboards to inform strategy, optimize resource allocation and improve performance. In addition, AspenTech Inmation®? provides native connectivity for quick integration with multiple, high volume data sources to enhance asset performance management and drive customers' reliability programs.