Aton Resources Inc. updates investors on the progress of its ongoing exploration programmes within the retained exploration areas of the Company's Abu Marawat Concession ("Abu Marawat" or the "Concession") in the Eastern Desert of Egypt, including the results of recent surface sampling at several of its regional targets. Aton has recently undertaken further sampling and mapping programmes over several of its regional targets in the Abu Marawat Concession retained exploration areas; A total of 258 selective grab and non-selective surface channel were collected from the Black Gaharish, Bohlog, Kab Amira, Semna and Zeno prospect areas (Figure 1). A further 7 blank and duplicate QAQC samples were also submitted for analysis; 38 samples were collected from the Black Gaharish prospect area, returning assays including 29.9 g/t Au and 9.46 g/t Au; 7 samples were collected from the Bohlog prospect area, returning assays including 183 g/t Au and 14.65 g/t Au; 112 samples were collected from the Kab Amira prospect area, returning assays including 67.4 g/t Au, 44.9 g/t Au and 29.8 g/t Au; 42 samples were collected from the Semna regional prospect area, returning assays including 125 g/t Au, 36.3 g/t Au and 32.5 g/t Au; 59 samples were collected from the Zeno regional prospect area, returning assays including 45.1 g/t Au, 26.9 g/t Au and 24.5 g/t Au; The phase 2 diamond drilling programme has been completed at the Semna prospect, with 28 holes completed for a total drilled meterage of 4,701m.

The Company has also now completed a programme of surface sampling and started a c. 3,000m programme of shallow and horizontal diamond drilling at the Abu Marawat deposit, designed to test a highly prospective and previously undrilled area. The Company has continued its mapping and sampling programmes over the retained exploration areas in recent months, as part of its long term strategy to ultimately incorporate all of its prospective targets into the Abu Marawat exploitation lease, which is valid for an initial period of 20 years. Many of the Company's main exploration targets have been exploited in recent years by artisanal miners, predominantly since the Company's suspension of field activities in 2020 as a result of the covid-19 pandemic, although the Company successfully evicted these illegal miners during 2023 from the Concession.

This recent programme continues the sampling and mapping work completed in 2023. Sampling was undertaken at Semna (regional), Bohlog, Zeno, and Black Gaharish and at the recently identified Kab Amira prospect area (Figure 1), predominantly on previously unidentified mineralised structures that have been exploited by the artisanal miners in recent years. The sampling has again confirmed the presence of a well mineralised c. 20 km long corridor stretching from Sir Bakis in the west to the Semna East area on the margin of the Gaharish pluton, including the Sir Bakis, Massaghat, Bohlog, Zeno, Kab Amira, Black Gaharish, Semna and Semna East areas.

Mineralisation through this belt is orogenic in style, typically consisting of shear-hosted and structurally controlled high grade quartz veins. To date only the immediate Semna gold mine area, and the central Zeno area have been drill tested. The Company is planning to undertake RC percussion drilling on some of the most promising targets in the retained exploration areas later in 2024, and the results of this current programme will inform the design of these upcoming programmes.