The Board of Directors of Atos has selected the offer of the consortium led by Onepoint over that of D. Kretinsky.

The Group has decided to proceed with the financial restructuring proposal submitted by the Onepoint consortium composed of Onepoint, Butler Industries and Econocom, as well as a group of certain of the Company's financial creditors.

Atos will work with the Onepoint consortium to reach a final financial restructuring agreement, which will then be implemented through a dedicated fast-track procedure by July 2024.

The Board of Directors has concluded, under the guidance of the Conciliator, that the proposal received from the Onepoint consortium is the best oriented in terms of the social interests of Atos, including its employees, customers, suppliers, creditors, shareholders and other stakeholders.

The proposal is broadly in line with the main financial parameters set by the Company, ensures a stronger capital structure and, in particular, provides adequate financial liquidity to finance the business.

The proposal submitted by the Onepoint consortium also has the support of a large number of Atos' financial creditors and thus provides greater certainty for the conclusion of a definitive financial restructuring agreement.

Jean-Pierre Mustier, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Atos, said: ' Today marks an important milestone in our financial restructuring process. A solution has emerged that is better aligned with the interests of the Company's stakeholders, in particular its employees and customers. This solution gives us a clear path to reach a definitive financial restructuring agreement by July'.

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