AUTOBACS Yurihonjo store

AUTOBACS SEVEN Co., Ltd. (Representative Director & Chief Executive Officer: Yugo Horii) and franchise stores contractor AUTOBACS East Japan Sales (Representative Director: Gakuo Inaba) will open a next-generation AUTOBACS 4 stores in the Tohoku area in April 2024.

This is the point!

■ Opening of 4 new stores in the Tohoku area

■ Next-generation stores with online customer service and stagnant notification system

■ We will also be holding an open sale with lots of great deals and a children's event called "kodomobacs"

The four stores we are opening this time are next-generation stores that utilize online and AI technology to lower operational costs and improve the quality of service. A ``stay notification system'' that uses AI to detect customers who have stagnated on the sales floor for a certain period of time and notify staff, an ``online customer service'' that provides product explanations in real time from a remote location, and an ` stores call response system'' operated by the customer support center. We aim to improve operational efficiency and services by introducing systems such as ``reception number ticketing machines'' and ``reception number ticketing machines''.

In the future, we also aim to operate a store that can fully support local customers by taking on the role of infrastructure in the region, which faces regional issues such as aging and declining population, by obtaining qualifications as a specific maintenance certification workshop, providing on-stores service using service cars, and tire storage services.

At the opening of each store, we will hold a summer tire advance reservation event and an opening sale with a lot of great deals. In addition, we will hold an event called "kodomobacs" where children can enjoy issuing children's driver's licenses, making pin badges with their faces, and taking commemorative photos with "Tire-kun", an original AUTOBACS character.

With the opening of four stores stores, the AUTOBACS Super AUTOBACS stores in the six prefectures in the Tohoku area will be 51 stores.

The planned opening dates and locations of each stores are as follows:

stores name

Opening Day


AUTOBACS Yurihonjo store

Friday, April 5,​ ​2024

160-1-2 Ichibanki, Yurihonjo City, Akita Prefecture, 015-0852

AUTOBACS Kesennuma store

Friday, April 12,​ ​2024

2-5-13 Nakamachi, Kesennuma City, Miyagi Prefecture 988-0024


Friday, April 19,​ ​2024

4-3-8 Umenoki, Sanuma, Sakomachi, Tome City, Miyagi Prefecture 987-0511

AUTOBACS Tsukidate store

Friday, April 26,​ ​2024

2-3-30 Tsukidate Miyano Chuo, Kurihara City, Miyagi Prefecture, 987-2205

Based on AUTOBACS SEVEN purpose of "realizing society's traffic safety and customers' fulfilling lives," we will continue to work on improving customer safety, security, and convenience through a variety of businesses, and solving environmental and social issues. We will also take on the challenge of working towards this goal.

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