Avarga Limited announced that Chan Lay Hoon has retired as Non-Independent Non-Executive Director of the Company, effective at the conclusion of the Annual General Meeting held on 18 April 2024 and she did not seek re-election. Other DirectorShips Past is KL Health Pte. Ltd, Kestrel Capital Pte.

Ltd., McLaren Applied Technologies Pte. Ltd., McLaren Automotive Asia Pte. Ltd, McLaren Group Limited, Meriton Capital Limited, Meriton Holdings Limited, RSP Architects Planners & Engineers (Pte) Ltd, RSP Design Consultants (India) Pvt Ltd, RSP Holdings Pte Ltd, RSP TopCo Pte.

Ltd., Sephia Pte. Ltd., Squire Mech Private Limited, SPP Innovations Pte Ltd, Towerhill Pte. Ltd. Other DirectorShips Present is Double Click Pte Ltd, GG Collections Private Limited, Kestrel Investments Pte.

Ltd., Plano Pte. Ltd., Project 92 Limited, Rowsley Hospitality Holdings Pte. Ltd., Rowsley (HFM) Pte.

Ltd., Singapore Olympic Foundation, Tenion Pte. Ltd., Venture India Pte. Ltd., Wellington College International Regional Management Pte.

Ltd., Valencia Club de Futbol S.A.D., Litoral del Este, S.L.U., Tiendas Oficiales VCF S.L.U., Fundacion Valendia Club de Futbol de la C.V., Valencia Feminas Club de Futbol.