October 23, 2014

Avex Group Holdings Inc.

Avex Launches Fine Hemp Brand "majotae"

Products Underway for Spring/Summer 2015 with Isetan Mitsukoshi

TOKYO (23 October, 2014) Avex Group Holdings Inc., Japan's leading entertainment company, announced today the launch of "majotae," fine natural hemp fabric brand. Products for next Spring / Summer is in development with Isetan Mitsukoshi Holdings Ltd., the leading department store operator in Japan.
majotae's quality is not only ideal for fine apparel, but has potential for other applications such as furniture, décor fabric and medical uses.
Commenting on the launch, Shigekazu Takeuchi, Avex Group Holdings Representative Director, said: "This project to revive centuries-old hemp conveys to us today the culture and wisdom cherished in pre-modern Japan. It is with great joy for Avex to be a part of this significant project."
Hiroshi Ohnishi, President and CEO of Isetan Mitsukoshi Holdings Ltd., also commented saying: "I'm impressed not only by the quality of the fabric, but also by the vision of the project. Through our products, we hope to bring the spirit of majotae to the world."

About majotae project

Bringing back taima-fu, natural fine hemp, as Japan's once and future fabric of choice.

Taima-fu (hemp fabric) has been an integral part of Japanese culture since the beginning of its history. However, due to significant restriction on cannabis cultivation after World War II, and apparent difficulties in spinning hemp threads which delayed industrialization, it is a rare fabric today. The
majotae project brings this "forgotten fabric" back to our modern life. Natural fabric expert Shinichiro Yoshida, obi artisan Genbei Yamaguchi, and Avex Group have come together to infuse life into "majotae".
*majotae uses only the finest, harmless hemp.
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taima-fu history and project vision:

EXHIBITION: MAJOTAE - The Forgotten Fabric -

Shinichiro Yoshida and Genbei Yamaguchi, was joined by above mentioned Hiroshi Onishi, and Shigekazu Takeuchi, as well as Masato Matsuura, Representative Director, CEO, Avex Group Holdings. Inc., at the Opening Reception of the special exhibition to commemorate brand launch on
22nd October, 2014. The exhibition is held until Saturday in Tokyo.
Photos from the Opening Reception:

Originators of the majotae Project Director, Asafu Institute Shinichiro Yoshida

Born in Kyoto in 1948. Artist and leading figure in research into hemp textiles in Japan. More than 30 years' experience of research into antique textiles; currently researching textiles made from Japanese natural materials, particularly fibers and threads of Edo-period hemp and ramie fabrics. Exhibitions and research presentations at Nara Prefectural Museum of Folklore, Higashi-Ohmi Notogawa City Museum, Aisho
Town Museum of History and Culture, Fukushima Prefecture Karamushi Craftwork Museum, Niigata Prefecture Tokamachi City Museum, San Francisco Craft and Folk Art Museum; research presentation at National Museum of Ethnology. Collaborative works include Riches from Rags (San Francisco Craft and Folk Art Museum, 1994) and Taiyo Special Edition: Natural Fabrics of Japan (Heibonsha, 2003). His artworks have been used in national brands' commercials and advertisements. Also, served as a director of a major Japanese interior design company.

Kyoto Obi-sho Kondaya Genbei X Genbei Yamaguchi

Born in Muromachi, Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto, in 1948. In 1981, inherited the title of 10th Kondaya Genbei, a traditional Kyoto obi artisanry continuing for over 270 years. Developed an interest in Japanese natural fabrics and began a collection. Involved in revitalizing dyeing technology such as the T'boli "dream weaver" culture of the Philippines, and the reviving of the ancient silkworm "Koishimaru," a native
Japanese species raised only within the Imperial Palace. Received Nikkei MJ Award and the Japan Inter-Design Forum Award in 2003 for "Kaguya Kono Mayu Koishimaru" exhibition in 2002. Also, active in collaborations across fields, such as in 2006 with the architect Kengo Kuma and the fashion designer Hiroko Koshino. Since presenting the men's kimono show "Kabuki Monotachi no Keifu (A Lineage of Dandies)" with United Arrows at the Tokyo Collection 2008, he has created custom-made kimono and men's yukata. As a creative director, he continues to be passionately involved in creation of new obi and kimono.
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Isetan Mitsukoshi Holdings Ltd.

Isetan Mitsukoshi Holdings Ltd. (Tokyo Stock Exchange: 3099) is the largest department store operator in Japan. The company was formed by a merger in 2008 of two major department stores, Mitsukoshi (founded 1673) and Isetan (founded 1886). Branches operate across Japan and around world. 2013 FY revenue totaled 1,321.5 billion yen. Industry leader which treasures tradition while continuing innovation. For more information, visit

Avex Group Holdings Inc.

Avex Group Holdings Inc. (Tokyo Stock Exchange: 7860) is a major general entertainment group in Japan. Founded by the CEO and representative director, Masato Matsuura, in 1988. Started the dance music trend in Japan. Currently handles video distribution service, production business, live entertainment as well as music business. Traded 156.9 billion yen in 2013, marking record sales for three years running. Paid video distribution service subscribers base is among the largest in Japan. Shifting Asian business focus to Southeast Asia, established Avex International Holdings Singapore Pte. Ltd. in 2013. Other international offices are in Taiwan as well as in London to manage the classical music label, avex-CLASSICS. For more information, visit

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