(MT Newswires) --Thomas Buberl, CEO of Axa, acknowledges that the recent period has been marked by high interest rates and inflation, but suggests that these conditions are now being reversed. Faced with this new economic reality and an uncertain geopolitical environment, Buberl stresses that Axa's strategy will be to maintain a low-risk approach. 

Buberl notes that economic growth in the US was above 3% in 2023, unlike in Europe. He attributes this difference to a greater fiscal stimulus in the US, a trend towards the relocation of production and more favourable demographics.

On the geopolitical front, Buberl expresses concern about the insurance risks associated with conflicts such as the one between Russia and Ukraine, which has led to an increase in claims in the maritime and aviation sectors. He stresses the need for Axa to remain vigilant against these risks and to prepare for other potential crises that could impact shipping and supply chains, referring to tensions in the Red Sea. Axa is preparing for a future where such crises could become more frequent.

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