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This presentation contains general data and information as well as forward looking statements about Bezeq - The Israel Telecommunications Corp., Ltd. ("Bezeq"). Such statements, along with explanations and clarifications presented by Bezeq's representatives, include expressions of management's expectations about new and existing programs, opportunities, technology and market conditions. Although Bezeq believes its expectations are based on reasonable assumptions, these statements are subject to numerous risks and uncertainties. These statements should not be regarded as a representation that anticipated events will occur or that expected aspirations will be achieved. In addition, the realization and/or otherwise of the forward looking information will be affected by factors that cannot be assessed in advance, and which are not within the control of Bezeq, including the risk factors that are characteristic of its operations, developments in the general environment, external factors, and the regulation that affects Bezeq's operations.

This presentation contains partial information from the public reports of Bezeq under the Israeli Securities Law 5728-1968 (the "Securities Law"), which can be accessed on the Israeli Securities Authority's website, A review of this presentation is not a substitute for a review of the detailed reports of Bezeq under the Securities Law and is not meant to replace or qualify them; rather, the presentation is prepared merely for the convenience of the reader, with the understanding that the detailed reports are being reviewed simultaneously. No representation is made as to the accuracy or completeness of the information contained herein.

The information included in this presentation is based on information included in Bezeq's public filings. However, some of the information may be presented in a different manner and/or breakdown and/or is differently edited. In any event of inconsistency between Bezeq's public filings and the information contained in this presentation, the information included in the public filings shall prevail.

The information contained in this presentation or which will be provided orally during the presentation thereof, does not constitute or form part of any invitation or offer to sell, or any solicitation of any invitation or offer to purchase or subscribe for, any securities of Bezeq or any other entity, nor shall the information or any part of it or the fact of its distribution form the basis of, or be relied on in connection with or relating to any action, contract, commitment or to the securities of Bezeq. The presentation does not constitute a recommendation or opinion or substitute for the discretion of any investor.


Bezeq Group | Focus on Growth

3.3% growth in Group

Record profit quarterly results in

revenues, to NIS 2.3

last five years - 6.8% increase in

billion, driven by Bezeq

Adjusted EBITDA to NIS 987

Fixed-Line (+5.9%) and

million; 14.2% growth in Adjusted

yes (+6.3%)

Net Profit to NIS 354 million

Strong execution in strategic growth drivers - robust fiber take-up in Bezeq Fixed-Line and yes, consistent growth in 5G subscriber plans in Pelephone

Board recommendation to

distribute semi-annual

ESG - MSCI upgrade to

dividend of NIS 392 million,

AA rating

0.14 per share, reflecting a

dividend yield of ~5%

Bezeq Group is executing on its strategy while


focusing on growth

Technological & Business Roadmap

Migration to fiber

Transition to 5G

Migration to IPTV


Launch of fiber project

5G Tender Award

Satellite to IP migration


1.9m homes passed

920k subscribers (35%)

370k subscribers (64%)

457k subscriber take-up (retail + wholesale)

14% increase in service revenues*

  • 24% fiber penetration rate
  • 20% increase in broadband ARPU*

2.7m homes passed, approx.Approx. 80% 5G subscribersCompletion of IP migration


85% of Israeli households

Opex and Capex savings


Technology upgrades reflect potential for future growth

*As compared to Q4-2020

Bezeq Group | Q2-2023 Summary


NIS 2.3 billion


Highest since 2018

Adjusted EBITDA (1)

NIS 987million

Adjusted EBITDA margin of 42.9%


Highest since 2017

Adjusted Net Profit (1)

NIS 354 million


Free Cash Flow

NIS 238 million


Decrease in Net Debt

NIS 222 million


5 All results are compared to Q2-2022 unless otherwise stated

(1) After adjusting for other operating expenses/income, net, one-time losses/gains from impairment/increase in value of assets and stock-based compensation

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