Banco BBVA Argentina S. A announced the approval of dividend payment schedule and first installment payment. The Shareholders of Banco BBVA Argentina S.A. notified that, as resolved by the General Ordinary and Extraordinary Shareholders Meeting held on April 26, 2024, the authorization of the Argentine Central Bank Financial and Exchange Entities Authority ("BCRA") obtained on May 3, 2024 and the Board of Directors meeting held on May 6, 2024, approved the payment of a dividend in the amount of ARS 264,227,684,640 expressed in homogeneous currency as of December 31, 2023. That amount in homogeneous currency as of is ARS 400,627,017,508.

The Payment in Bonds and the Payment in Pesos will be made in 3 installments, on May 14, June 11 and July 11, according to the payment notice published with each installment. In this sense, Installment 1 will be made available and paid for the sum of $133,542,339,169 (that is, $217.9535538036 per share that represents 21,795.35538036% of the share capital of AR$ 612,710,079) to its existing shareholders in the Bank's share registry as of May 9, 2024 ("Cut-Off Date") as of May 14, 2024.