Barclays security is in a advantageous fundamental and technical situation that might stimulate its appreciation on the upcoming trading sessions.

The bulge bracket bank shows interesting valuation and profitability levels. The P/E ratio is quite low and should decrease from 18.5x to 10.8 from 2014 to 2015. Net income is supposed to hike in 2014, from GBP 540 million in 2013 to 1.99 billion, raising EPS significantly from 3.70 to 12.9 pence. Furthermore, Goldman Sachs has recently raised the security to "buy" against "neutral" previously, and targets 300 pence comparing to 272 before.

Technically, the stock evolves on a bullish trend on the short term. Prices have rebounded significantly on contact with the GBp 207.9 long term support, in order to return toward the 244.8 resistance. The stock seems to have crossed its downward trend line and is likley to break out the 244.80 mid term resistance, supported by moving averages upward oriented.

Thus, it seems opportune for active investors to open a long position on Barclays security above the 244.8 resistance in order to take advantage of this bullish scenario. The crossing of this levels should allow the stock to rally again and regain its highest levels. The first target price will be the GBp 262.5 pivot point then the GBp 275. However, a stop-loss should be placed under the entry levels, in case of a new bearish trend.