Bavarian Nordic A/S announced that the board of directors has appointed Luc Debruyne as an observer to the board with the intent to nominate him for election to the board at the ordinary general meeting in March 2023, where he following the board's constitution is expected to assume the chairmanship after Gerard van Odijk, who will step down after having served for 15 years on the board. Luc Debruyne is former President Global Vaccines at GSK, a role he held for the last six years of his 27-year long tenure with the company, where he was a member of GSK's Corporate Executive Team. He is currently Professor of Practice at the University of Leuven, Faculty of Medicine, Biomedical Sciences Group and serves as non-executive director of the boards of University Hospitals UZ Leuven and Fund Plus.

He is furthermore member of the Institutional Advisory Board at VIB, the Life Sciences Board at Greenlight Biosciences Inc, and is Strategy Advisor to the CEO and Chair of the Portfolio Strategy and Management Board of CEPI. Luc Debruyne is also highly regarded as an active contributor and advisor in the global health arena with a focus on R&D and access.