Becton, Dickinson and Company (NYSE:BDX) is looking for M&A. Greg Rodetis, Senior Vice President, Treasurer and Head of Investor Relations, said during the Innovate Series webcast, " I think -- I appreciate the question, Rick. And certainly, when I think when it comes down to innovation and when we look at it right, from an innovation standpoint or R&D or M&A. I guess it's very similar right now, just the overall BD strategy, right? We expect there likely to be a healthy mix of R&D and certainly M&A. And I think Tim has noted [indiscernible] noted in our earnings calls that Vascular is a space that certainly is an opportunity for us to tuck-ins, et cetera.

So I think we're pretty active there. Our innovation team, right, combined with our Strategy and M&A, they work very, very closely together. And sometimes, we certainly -- we'll take the belt and suspenders type of approach and do both in essence and look at both.

And while other times, we'll certainly go down another path. But I would venture to guess, right, that we certainly have a very active and robust innovation, but we're also certainly active there in the M&A front looking at opportunities. I don't know, Steph, do you have any thoughts about that and be interested to get your take on".