Rubedo Life Sciences announced a multi-year strategic partnership with Beiersdorf AG to develop innovative skin care products that address the effects of cellular aging. Beiersdorf additionally joins Rubedo as a strategic investor, having participated in its recent Series A financing round through its Oscar & Paul Corporate Venture Capital Fund. The partnership between Rubedo and Beiersdorf revolves around the exploration of novel compounds derived from Rubedo's extensive research programs, specifically targeting cellular senescence.

Senescent cells accumulate with age and may contribute to age-related skin changes and pathologies. These compounds will be sourced from Rubedo's topical dermatology program, which have senolytic and anti-inflammatory properties. As part of the partnership, Beiersdorf will conduct in vitro and in silico studies, and will conduct rigorous assessments of the identified compounds from Rubedo.

The collaborative effort will culminate in vivo human studies, aimed at validating the efficacy of the selected compounds in cosmetic skin care formulations. Rubedo shall be eligible to receive milestones and royalty payments. Rubedo's innovative approach to compound development, coupled with Beiersdorf's leading global brand platforms, is poised to set new standards in anti-aging skin care and develop new solutions for the multibillion face care market.