Certain A Shares of Beijing Worldia Diamond Tools Co.,Ltd. are subject to a Lock-Up Agreement Ending on 23-JUL-2022. These A Shares will be under lockup for 1103 days starting from 16-JUL-2019 to 23-JUL-2022. Details: The company's holding shareholder, actual controller Chen Jifeng, Chen Tao, Li QInghua, Peng Kun, Pang Hong, Pang Hong, Chen Tao as partners of Beijing Tongxiang Investment Partnership Enterprise (Limited Partnership) (hereafter Beijing Tongxiang) promised that within 36 months after the listing date, will not withdraw their investment in Beijing Tongxiang and will not transfer their property shares in Beijing Tongxiang. Shareholder Li Shuhui who acts as management, Tang Wenlin who acts as director and core technical personnel, Zhang Zongchao who acts as supervisor and core technical personnel, Shareholders Dechen Yinlei Hi-Tech (Beijing) Venture Capital Co., Ltd., Beijing Qidi Huide Venture Capital Co., Ltd, Other shareholders Beijing Tongxiang, Beijing Huachuang Shengjing Venture Capital Center (Limited Partnership), Suzhou Industrial Park Heyuan Beijiguang Venture Capital Partnership Enterprise (Limited Partnership)?Tianjin Fenxiang Xingkong Equity Investment Fund Partnership Enterprise (Limited Partnershpi), Dazi Taixingda Venture Capital Co., Ltd., Wang Yiwei?Qiao Jinyong?Chen Shilei?Beijing Huachuang Celian Venture Capital Center (Limited Partnership)?He Min?Wang Qingli promised that within 12 months after the listing date, will not transfer nor entrust to others for management direct or indirect shares in the company held prior to this issuance, nor allow the company to repurchase the said shares.