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Provided by: BES Engineering Co.
SEQ_NO 2 Date of announcement 2021/12/13 Time of announcement 19:02:44
 Surrogate announcement for
"BES Engineering Vietnam Co., Ltd." to acquire the equity
of "Phu An Real Estate Co., Ltd."
Date of events 2021/12/13 To which item it meets paragraph 20
1.Name and nature of the underlying assets (if preferred shares, the terms
and conditions of issuance shall also be indicated, e.g., dividend yield,
etc.):Ordinary shares of Phu An Real Estate Co., Ltd.
2.Date of occurrence of the event:2021/12/13
3.Amount, unit price, and total monetary amount of the transaction:
(1)Totally obtain 100% shareholding ratio.
(2)Total transaction amount: USD 21.25 million.
4.Trading counterparty and its relationship with the Company (if the trading
counterparty is a natural person and furthermore is not a related party of
the Company, the name of the trading counterparty is not required to be
disclosed):Phu An Real Estate Co., Ltd., unrelated to the company.
5.Where the trading counterparty is a related party, announcement shall also
be made of the reason for choosing the related party as trading counterparty
and the identity of the previous owner, its relationship with the Company
and the trading counterparty, and the previous date and monetary amount of
6.Where an owner of the underlying assets within the past five years has
been a related party of the Company, the announcement shall also include the
date and price of acquisition and disposal by the related party, and its
relationship with the Company at the time of the transaction:N/A.
7.Matters related to the current disposal of creditors' rights (including
types of collaterals of the disposed creditor��s rights; if creditor's
rights over a related party, announcement shall be made of the name of the
related party and the book amount of the creditor's rights, currently being
disposed of, over such related party):N/A.
8.Profit or loss from the disposal (not applicable in cases of acquisition
of securities) (those with deferral should provide a table explaining
9.Terms of delivery or payment (including payment period and monetary
amount), restrictive covenants in the contract, and other important terms
and conditions:(1)Payment terms: According to the schedule mentioned
in the contract.
(2)Other Important Agreements: The third-party entrusted account mechanism,
the ESCROW account will pay the transaction amount after all the equity is
transferred. If either party breaches the contract, a penalty of 8% of
the total transaction amount shall be paid.
10.The manner of deciding on this transaction (such as invitation to tender,
price comparison, or price negotiation), the reference basis for the
decision on price, and the decision-making unit:
(1)The board of directors is the head of decision.
(2)Price reference is based on the appraisal report of
and the Reasonable Assurance Rerport
11.Net worth per share of the Company's underlying securities acquired or
disposed of:N/A.
12.Cumulative no.of shares held (including the current transaction), their
monetary amount, shareholding percentage, and status of any restriction of
rights (e.g., pledges), as of the present moment:
(1)The transaction amount including this is USD 21.25 million,
with 100% of shareholding ratio.
13.Current ratio of securities investment (including the current trade, as
listed in article 3 of Regulations Governing the Acquisition and Disposal of
Assets by Public Companies) to the total assets and equity attributable to
owners of the parent as shown in the most recent financial statement and
working capital as shown in the most recent financial statement as of the
present:(1)Percentage of total assets in the company's
latest financial statements:1.44%.
(2)Proportion of equity attributable to owners of the parent company: 2.91%
(3)The amount of working capital in the most recent financial statement:
NTD $16,728,589 thousand.
14.Broker and broker's fee:Broker (Former marketing director of Savills),
2% of the total transaction amount.
15.Concrete purpose or use of the acquisition or disposal:
Real estate development (Residential).
16.Any dissenting opinions of directors to the present transaction:None.
17.Whether the counterparty of the current transaction is
a related party:No.
18.Date of the board of directors resolution:2021/12/13
19.Date of ratification by supervisors or approval by
the Audit Committee:2021/12/09
20.Whether the CPA issued an unreasonable opinion regarding the current
22.Name of the CPA:Jia Sheng, Huang
23.Practice certificate number of the CPA:
Financial Supervisory Comission R.O.C(TAIWAN) No. 7063
24.Whether the transaction involved in change of business model:No.
25.Details on change of business model:N/A.
26.Details on transactions with the counterparty for the past year and the
expected coming year:None.
27.Source of funds:Private Capital.
28.Any other matters that need to be specified:None.


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